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Since 2015 I have seen that there it is a group inside English Wikipedia, that seems to support -and sometimes promote- the devilish ISIS and other Muslim terrorist organizations like Al Shabaab and Al Qaeda: please read . The group is made by many users, from different countries and religions, but the most "aggressive" are: Atlas, Middayexpress, Acidsnow, Vituzzu, Elie plus and a few others....

One of the worst members of this group is user Atlas , that has started his writings in Wikipedia recently; but  (with a "bit strange" time-coincidence) approximately after the days when one of the supporters of muslim fanatism inside Wikipedia, user:Middayexpress- was forced to witdraw.

Indeed "user Middayexpress" in that year even attacked with continuous "malignity" "user Oldsettler" accusing him of sockpuppetry until she obtained the help of wikimafia "user Vituzzu": she wanted and obtained to "decapitate without pity in Wikipedia" Oldsettler with the same kind of malignity & hate shown in Syria by ISIS terrorists. Oldsettler wrote "The malignity of this Middayexpress is unbelievable. Why against me? I have never done anything with him/her or against him/her, but -after obtaining to erase my dad's photo- now attacks me continuously repeating the same accusations again and again and again with his/her typical "byzantine phrases" full of the same things. I have read his/her 60 archives and I have found that he/she is a Somalian living in the UK (probably in the London area full of supporters of ISIS and that he/she has had "fightings" with many wikipedians. He/she has collected many blocks and menaces of blocks for his/her continuous edit-warrings and seems to promote muslim POVs in a way that remembers the religious fanatism: most important to me, he/she seems to "hate" colonialism and western colonialists, so probably he/she identifies me with the Italians who colonized Somalia....and this can explain his/her attacks against me."

Furthermore this Vituzzu is known in the Italian wiki as one of the main bosses of the “Italian wikimafia”. Some websites denounce him, like “Wikiperle” (read in Italian : htp:// and “Perle Complottiste” (read: )

Anyway, many of the articles written by user Oldsettler were erased, even those that received 'Banstairs'....and this was (to me) the first clear indication that existed -inside a group of fanatical muslims, who were erasing everything that was showing the western presence in arab & muslim areas. For example the article about Berbers & Christianity ( read ) was continuously erased in those months, showing the typical hate that characterized ISIS terror mentality. be continued....

Monday, June 19, 2017

WHO IS "ONEL5969"?

I am writing every month about some of the Wikipedia users & admins who are damaging this wonderful encyclopedia. My hope is that with my denounce these "bad" persons will stop -or will be stopped- soon or later.  I know it is very difficult this task, but at least I try......however some of my friends gave me congratulations because the "Mafioso-ducetto" Vituzzu (boss in the Italian Wikipedia, to whom I dedicated my first issues in February of "MYBESTARTICLES") is angry against me in some Italian IRC discussions: evidently I have hit him very hard....

This month of July I am going to do a research about an en.wikipedia user nicknamed "Onel5969".

His name has no importance (I respect privacy; however it can be found easily in his first "user pages" of 2014 - even if he started writing on Wikipedia in 2009 and this huge gap is a bit "strange"). Onel5969 wrote that he was born in New York city in 1959. Indeed he has done more than 130000 posts and is "autoreviewer, extended-confirmed, patroller, reviewer, rollbacker" in the en.wikipedia. In other wikipedias he has no significative contributions, with the exception of "Commons".

I don't think he is like admin Doug Weller, who is the typical "Iamalwaysright" Wikipedia sysop, but they have some characteristics that are similar. For example Onel5969 states that he is "interested in History" and likes to drink (beers & wines), like Doug Weller likes archaeology and has problems of alcoholism. But what is more similar is that they both behave like "grumpy old men" against the persons who disagree with them in Wikipedia articles.

Let me explain better, denouncing what has happened between me and this user Onel5969.

What made me upset was this request of semi-protection of the article "Italian Mare Nostrum" by Onel5969, that was absolutely not needed:

Italian Mare Nostrum

Temporary semi-protection: Persistent disruptive editing – Slow, persistent reverts attempting to disregard consensus of merge discussion. Onel5969 TT me 12:50, 19 June 2017 (UTC)
Semi-protected for a period of 2 days, after which the page will be automatically unprotected. ~Oshwah~(talk) (contribs) 15:21, 19 June 2017 (UTC)

I was having a normal discussion with Onel5969 about the tricky cancellation of the article "Italian Mare Nostrum" by a
group of nationalists from former Jugoslavia.....and suddenly this Onel5969 started erasing all the article. It looked to me like he was upset because he was "connected/related" in some way to this group....
It is a group  (made by Director, Zenanarth, Zoupan, Srnec,  Joy , Kubura and others slavs, who defend dictator Tito and his Jugoslavia in the articles of famous for his hate toward Italy and that continuously erase  every references to the historical presence of Italian people in the Dalmatia & Istria regions.

I add now the conversation -quickly erased by Oneil5969- that I have had with him in his talk page...but why he erased all this? The only explanation is that he is "connected" to this group of leftist Marxists!!!

Here it is the conversation on his talk page:


Final Decision on "Italian Mare Nostrum"

Final decision: The final decision was to Keep
I have read in detail all the initial discussion to KEEP, and the following 2 discussion to merge and that had no result at all. How is it possible that just after one week that an article was allowed by discussion to be kept, suddenly are allowed to be done 2 additional requests to merge? So, why was done the first initial discussion that maintained the article? This looks like a tricky way to impose the wish of a NOTORIOUS group of yugoslavian users (from Director, to Zenanarh, to AlasdairGreen27, to Zoupan, to Joy, etc..), who have received harsh critics from the same Jimbo Wales (I can add data about these critics, if you want)! They hate Italy and do whatever they can to erase all that shows some good italian results in WW2......But what strikes me more is that this group gets the merge without any approval at all! Let's remember that the ONLY approval votation was the first, when was clearly stated that the result was KEEP....and finally, what is wrong with the article? The same translated version is in the Spanish Wikipedia and it is accepted without problems: consequently I have reverted for the last time (anyway, do whatever you wish in future, but remember that this group is doing huge falsifications in Wikipedia as can be read in the June issue of "il mio weblog aromuno":, B. ( (talk)
Honestly, B... please learn to sign your posts. As I said, the AfD result was to keep, but even in that AfD discussion there was an undercurrent to merge. The TWO following discussions regarding merging both resulted in a merge decision. Accept consensus, move on. Onel5969 TT me 21:25, 18 June 2017 (UTC)
At this point, your edits are becoming disruptive, as you are refusing to abide by consensus. As a result of this discussion, the consensus was clearly to merge. Which has been done. Onel5969 TT me 21:31, 18 June 2017 (UTC)
Please, don't rush with your decisions. A Croatian group (that has received a lot of critics even from the same founder-owner of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales/Jimbo; read: Jimbo_Wales/Archive_144#Gathering_information_about_alleged_irregularities_on_Croatian_Wikipedia and 2013_issues_on_Croatian_Wikipedia) is responsible with MEATPUPPETRY of the two merger proposals. I accept REAL AND VOTED consensus, not the one imposed by tricky meatpuppetry. Read for example the article "Josiph Broz Tito" that they shamefully control: not one single word is allowed in the article about the hundred of thousands of deaths that academics in their books clearly write that this dictator has done. Honestly, B. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 21:41, 18 June 2017 (UTC)
And finally allow me to pinpoint that in "Talk:Italian Mare Nostrum/Archive 4|this discussion" on merge THERE IT IS NO OPPOSITION AT ALL, in perfect stalinist/titoist style... (talk) 22:41, 18 June 2017 (UTC)
Reverted again Onel5969 TT me
Now I understand who you are: I am researching about you and writing the findings in my 'MYBESTARTICLES' issue for July ( " "). You remember me those Stalinist who accused to be 'crazy' those who did not agree with them: SHAME ON YOU! (talk) 23:48, 18 June 2017 (UTC)

Now I am searching the "connection/relations/contacts" between Onel5969 and the group of Tito supporters (Director, Zenanarh, Zoupan, Srnec, Joy, Kubura, etc...), that will explain the "strange" sudden erase of the article with the comments ........

Thursday, June 1, 2017


This month of June I am going to write in detail about a controversial admin of the English Wikipedia, nicknamed Doug Weller and his group. His full name is Douglas Weller and was born in Miami (USA) 75 years ago. He lives as a retired person in Derbyshire (Great Britain) with his wife Helen and some dogs (no irony about his name "doug" being similar to "dog", of course). I am not going to write about his sexual orientation, because I respect everybody; but he has been harshly attacked by some persons like Matthew Hopkins (read details in ).

Hopkins wrote on his article titled "Paedophiles of Wikipedia" that admin Doug Weller -who is an 'Arbitration Committee member' of Wikipedia- "...should resign or be dismissed from ArbCom immediately. As for Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, he needs to immediately and permanently Block Doug Weller...." One of my friends (Vito G.) thinks that Doug Weller is a "bully who believes the rules don't apply to him and he is always right" (a problem with many admins and arbs in general on Wikipedia).

Additionally Marinka van Dam wrote that "......Doug Weller self-identifies on his user page only to the extent that he is an academic. His field would appear to be "Archaeology," though attempts to identify him from Google searches are inconclusive. A reasonable view would be that his claim to be an academic is authentic only to the extent that he holds a degree...Doug Weller has been outed by  (archived) as falsely representing his expertise. He was defended in a blog by Jose Colavito. The matter was aired in a Wikipediocracy thread, eventually locked by a moderator. We don't believe Doug Weller significantly misrepresents his expertise, though as noted above his claim to be an academic appears to be a bit of a stretch. There is, however, a very hostile page about him at RationalWiki.....We believe the Wikipedia accounts Randy from Boise and Xanthomelanoussprog, both of which have trolled our editors, are socks of Doug Weller. We believe the moniker "Xanthomelanoussprog" is a jocular reference to Doug's sandy hair and florid complexion, as can be seen in the image he provides for his  account." (read more, with his photo at )....."

Of course I have to admit that Doug Weller has been defending serious archaeology from many attacks (sometimes ridiculous), since the early 2000s at least: he has done a nice list of links at , even if a bit incomplete.

Anyway sometimes he falls in the ridiculous (for an academic from Yale, as he proudly states of himself: but he did only some courses!) like here in : ..."Doug Weller, an editor on the Wikipedia staff, has made the totally unsupported statement that Mr. David Hatcher Childress (a proponent of ancient aircraft ) invented the Safr'ala, which would be quite an accomplishment, as Mr. Hatcher was born in 1957! He couldn't have been more than two years old when Dr. Ibn A'haron's translation of the Sifr'ala first appeared in print...."

In a few words Douglas Weller has also been defined as " old, creaky, unrepentant Wikipedia administrator/crapmonkey from the UK. He's mainly interested in archaeology and anthropology.... He's been trolling Usenet on the subject for more than 20 years, and left a trail of ruined careers and furious "actual experts" in his wake. (He claims he "dropped out of Yale" as if we were supposed to give him extra credit for failing.) On his user page, Doug tells us "he's number #190 in the list of most active wikipedians". Doug's flaws don't stop there - he's also a bitter old Lefty. Doug doesn't particularly like his own country or culture, and he uses wikipedia to express that attitude......" And -sincerely- this anti-American behavior could be defined as "Treason" by a US patriot!

Of course, Weller's authority at debunking "fringe archaeology" and other topics arises from his position as administrator and arbitrator at Wikipedia, where he has the power to wipe out whatever he disbelieves. And this aggressive "cancellation" is what happened to me when I wrote something about the possibility that the ancient Romans could have reached the Caribbean islands.

First of all I want to repeat and pinpoint in detail what has happened to  me (nicknamed initially "Brunodam" since 2005) in Wikipedia when I was banned forever in 2007 in a shameful way:

".....Two relatives/friends from Italy came to spend a summer in 2007 at Brunodam's house in south Florida. They spent some months posting with him on Salerno topics on the Italian Wikipedia from his home (using his same modem, of course). An Italian wiki admin did not believe that they were 3 different persons and blocked them: they offered to send copies of their passports & identifications and to talk by phone to show that they were not the same persons, but he kept blocking them. Brunodam then got enraged and "hinted" (and it is noteworthy to pinpoint that he only HINTED the possibility) that he was thinking of getting help from an attorney in order to defend himself from these offensive accusations.......and suddenly he got BANNED FOREVER! No possibility of defending himself, and the same happened for his 2 relatives who got astonished by all this excessive punishment! Brunodam quickly wrote to the "bad & angry" Italian admin Trixt  (decorated with the "evil" barnstar! ), who banned him forever ( ). He explained that he only hinted a selfdefense and did not want to menace a legal suit against the Italian wikipedia, and some time later he also wrote to Jimbo - the wiki founder ( ) - when he was banned even in the English wikipedia for the same reason.  But he got always blocked and blocked and blocked and blocked every tentative of communication and possible solution....Since then Brunodam -enraged by this complete lack of justice with him- started to write more and more on many wikipedias, as a reaction....."

Indeed I have written more than 130000 user contributions using many nicknames, but I have never "sabotaged" Wikipedia: all my writings were done in order to improve Wikipedia, mainly with articles related to Italy and to the fathers of the Italians, the old Romans. Last but not least it is noteworthy to pinpoint that I am graduated 'summa cum laude' from the Genova university (in northern Italy) and I have a MBA from a Los Angeles university (in California, USA): this fact means that I have plenty of knowledge about how to write articles with professionality (indeed I also published some works, edited by the Genova university).

Now let me explain all the astonishing mess around a few paragraphs I have added with my nicknames to an article called "Pre-Columbian trans-oceanic contact theories" (before reappeared steward Vituzzu, a Mafioso I have already denounced last February 2017  and in urgent need of psychiatric therapy according to a professor of the 'University Cattaneo' ):

All started because I added on may 25, 2017 this small excerpt quickly deleted by "Iamalwaysright" Doug Weller.

"....Furthermore, in a Pompeii mural is seen a pineapple (an american fruit) and even in the mosaic of the "Palazzo Massimo alle Terme" of Rome, a pineapple is visible [89] These mosaics are considered proof of transatlantic commerce by some experts, like pomologist Domenico Casella[90] Critics complain that the Pompeii "pineapple" is likely to be a pine cone, but the shape seems to confirm to be an american fruit.....Additionally other "pineapples" have been found, like the one in a Swiss museum  [89]......"

And this is the photo -taken in a swiss museum- of a small statue of a roman boy with an ananas in his left hand: Doug Weller (and his group) seems to "hate" it because it is another proof that Ancient Romans had pineapples, an American fruit that was believed to have been brought to Europe from America only after Columbus discovery:

Now I want to make a few considerations about this image:
1) Romans were very realistic while pragmatically making their statues. So, they used to represent only something really important: why the statue should show a simple and very common pine cone? Nobody in Rome would appreciate this pine cone, of course! But an exotic fruit from distant shores would be proudly shown by a roman boy in a roman statue, don't you agree?
2) The roman boy in his right hand has something that looks like a dish (or a cover of a dish). May be he was a young servant bringing the pineapple to be eaten?
3) The pineapple looks very similar to a Puerto Rican pineapple called "Red Spanish". See image at the bottom of the article. To the reader the final judgement!

Finally, I want to add something I wrote in the discussion page of the wiki Noteboard and partially erased by Doug Weller (because evidently he cannot accept that he is wrong sometimes):

A)...."....Sincerely I only added some information about "another pineapple". I don't want to promote any "fringe theory"! I think that Elio Cadelo is a famous journalist in Italy (of the RAI, the official Italian Radio-TV institution: he is "Scrittore, Caporedattore giornale radio Rai per la scienza e l'ambiente") who is well accepted & judged in historian circles of Italy. So, for me he is a "Reliable source for claims of other pineapples: Elio Cadelo has won the Premio ENEA 1999 (please read", as I wrote). Here it is a video where Cadelo comments his book about the Romans in America in the "Istituto Italiano per gli Studi Filosofici e Geografici": [13]. It is in Italian, but I can give a translation if requested. Anyway, I just wanted to add this information...and nothing else....(but allow me to add that the pineapple shown in the hands of the roman kid inside the Geneva museum (see and that was quickly made disappear by Doug Weller) has no round "grapes" near his hand like the wine-grape fruit, but "rectangular pieces" that looks astonishingly similar to this photo of an
ananas: Pineapple in hand.jpg). And we know that ananas is a fruit that can survive many weeks of travel, with only the loss of the green leaves....So, I think this Wikipedia article must add evidences like these pineapples and not only evidences about "Claims involving California canoes" & "Claims involving chickens". Regards to all of you...."

B)...."...So, in your opinion what is in the hands of the roman kid? At this point I like to leave all this mess. All this attacks -that is what I feel, sincerely- are on a simple refusal to allow that something roman can have reached America, but if it is Phoenician or Chinese or Polynesian....well that's acceptable. This reminds me the discussion (on academic circles, of course) about the latin word "perdomita", related to the fact that Britain -according to Tacitus who wrote "Britannia perdomita, sed olim missa est" (Britain was totally conquered but quickly was lost)- was fully conquered by the roman Agricola. As you probably know the british circles of historians linked to the "glory" of the British empire cannot accept that the word perdomita is made in latin from the words "PERfecta DOMInaTA" (meaning 'completely dominated' in classical latin) and so they deny the total conquest of Britain by Agricola. So, as written before, I like to leave all this mess & these attacks: I semi-retire from Wikipedia...."

C)...."...So some users and admin Doug Weller have obtained to impose what they wanted. Congratulations....But at the end nobody has answered my question: in your opinion what is in the hands of the roman kid in the Geneva museum?......obviously it can be ONLY an ananas from America! My last four cents with the same words of Galileo to the abuses of the Inquisition: EPPUR SI MUOVE....and at the end all of us admit that he was right!. So, in a similar way I am sure soon or later the truth about these pineapples in roman hands will come out.."

D)...."... I am totally sure it is an ananas, because of the pineapple rectangular pieces near the kid hand that cannot be dimples grapes but only pieces of leaves in the first stages of decomposition (probably this fruit was many weeks old). Here it is an image that shows the leaves falling: the first line of leaves covers the top of the ananas "dimples" ([17]). I also remember the ananas of the Geneva museum was very similar to those imported from Puerto Rico: it is a species of pineapple imported in Switzerland.

As we know Christopher Columbus introduced pineapples to Europe when he brought one as a gift to Spain's Queen Isabella from the island of Guadeloupe in 1493. The Spanish, who were greatly intrigued by the exotic appearance of pineapples, first named it “Pine of the Indies” because of its resemblance to a pine cone. The "ananas comosus" is the scientific name of this tropical fruit, and the most famous species in Europe is the one imported from the Caribbean: the "Red Spanish" (like the one shown at the bottom of this article, and that is very similar to the one in the Swiss Musem). But admin Doug Weller may also deny all these facts, who knows?

Another thing that strikes me it is that this 'Iamalwaysright' Doug Weller works in the article called "Pre-Columbian trans-oceanic contact theories" in complete symbiosis with a group of wikipedians (like the "human rat" nicknamed User:MjolnirPants and others like User:Agricolae, User:Gamall Wednesday Ida and partially even  User:Slatersteven) . Of course, we all know that this in Wikipedia is called MEAT PUPPETRY! Indeed the Wikipedia rules are that  "additional users who engage in the same behavior as an user in the same context, and who appear to be editing a Wikipedia article solely for the purpose of promoting the cause of this user, are doing something ILLEGAL that has the name "Meat puppetry" (and they can also be accused of doing "Canvassing") ". But Doug Weller seems enraged only if somebody like me- forced to use many nicknames since 2007, because of the lack of justice that I have shown above- does the so called sock puppetry.

Evidently the wiki rules apply for others (who do sock puppetry as the only way to defend themselves inside wikipedia) but not for him (who does meat puppetry in a shamelessly way).....Honestly, this is a strange kind of interpretation of the justice, typical of some wiki admins with their abuses!!!

Thursday, May 11, 2017


It seems that in the Spanish Wikipedia there it is a German nationalist nicknamed "Jkbw", that is spreading some ideals from Berlin.

The first thing that strikes me is that Jkbw (user identification site: shows a tag pinpointing that has only a basic knowledge of the spanish language, but Jkbw has done in the sp. wiki the huge amount of  254710 edit counts by may 2017 (and is also a "patroller, rollbacker"). How is it possible? A person with elementary knowledge of a language cannot write so many articles and posts.....something is smelling "dirty & fishy" here, don't you agree?

The second thing that hits me is that Jkbw is always promoting the German subjects & topics. And not only German but also Austrian. For example Jkbw is always erasing in the Spanish Wikipedia the references to the "Alto Adige": only allows the name "Tyrol", even if in topics related to History.

Of course we must remember that in all the Alto Adige region the autochthonous language was the romance language called "Ladin", but after the year 1000 AD there has been a process of "Germanization" that has nearly always been imposed by force (with often the obligation to use only the German language). Like in the Val Venosta (read ), a valley area west of Bolzano where the last Ladins disappeared in the 1920s.

Indeed we all know that there it is a decision -done in 2009 by the Austrian nationalists of the Südtiroler Volkspartei of the Italian Alto Adige- which precisely states that all the Italian names in Alto Adige must soon or later disappear (read ) , from railway stations names to a simple name on a public encyclopedia like Wikipedia. And Jkbw is doing very well the nationalistic "job" related to this decision, requesting continuously the erase of the name Alto Adige from the sp. wikipedia with reversal of posts (see  and )

But why Jkbw does all this?

The answer could be found in the huge amount of medical contributions Jkbw did and does in the ''Cure Award'' of the WikiProjectMedicine: he is # 66 of the list of the top contributors (see ) and this made me check up the life of this  person from Berlin.

So, I found that Jkbw is an old retired "Berliner", who become a physicist more than 40 years ago and seems to have been related to "neo-nazi" organizations when was young. 

And Jkbw also pinpoints in the sp. wikipedia's usuario page that has a page in Yddish wikipedia ( "Este usuario tiene una página en la Wikipedia en yidis" ): indeed, why to pinpoint something totally secondary and insignificant? may be as a possible cover-up of neonazi ideals?

Of course, Jkbw is not a former Nazi like the "discovered" owner of IKEA (read: ), but it seems that was linked to neo-Nazis in Berlin some decades ago: I am investigating what seems to bring more surprises about this Jkbw, who was astonishingly requested to become a Sysop/administrator of the Spanish wikipedia last year ( )

What strikes me is the similarity of Jkbw tactics of diffamation and of creation of "lies that would become truths" inside sp. Wikipedia, with those made by Nazism: these Jkbw tactics are totally similar to what used to do Nazi Goebbels & Himmler who declared that with propaganda they could obtain whatever wanted, even change the truth. So they used to "create" a scapegoat/accusation against a person -for example- and then enlarge all this attack with many other repetitions until the person was judged badly by the community.  This tactic was used mainly against jews and communists in Nazi Germany, but was sadly imitated and improved by the Stalin's KGB.  So, in Spanish wiki this user Jkbw continuously uses the trick of remembering that I was "banned" (and of course Jkbw omits that I was banned with a complete lack of justice and without any reason at all!) so that he can revert & obtain all he wants from unaware sysops.

Also in the the nationalist Jkbw uses the same trick of repeating the accusation against me of "banned" and omits the complete lack of justice that I have suffered. Here it is a translation in English from his discussion page:


       "....Please read [33]. It is about me and also about Vituzzu.......I don't want problems with you (I sincerely appreciate your writings). B (nicht signierter Beitrag von (Diskussion) 22:41, 10. Mai 2017‎.)

See also en:Category:Wikipedia sockpuppets of Brunodam, etc..
@Kmhkmh: Hello, probably you already know the above blog entry, if not: FYI. Greetings from Berlin--Jkbw (Diskussion) 00:41, 11. Mai 2017 (CEST)

Thanks for the hint. The guy had already posted his "Bolgeintrag" on my user page on en.wp. Where did you hit him? Is he around now?--Kmhkmh (Diskussion) 03:28, 11. Mai 2017 (CEST)

@Kmhkmh: No, he wants to spread his irredentism in the Spanish Wikipedia for years, fortunately only at a fairly low frequency. Currently, he wants to get rid of his article again: Alto Adige. greetings--Jkbw (Diskussion) 03:38, 11. Mai 2017 (CEST) wanted it! I have started a research on you (see ) and I found very interesting things about your life when young: are you a cover-up neonazi?--Noaneonazis (Diskussion) 14:26, 12. Mai 2017 (CEST)

I see that I just hit you in the center of your nationalist and possibly Nazi soul, because of the way you reacted in "Bibliotecarios/Violaciones de etiqueta"...... and that makes me very happy (LOL) because you deserve it.  So you'll "understand" what means to have been slandered with defamatory libels like was done to me in in 2007, without me having any guilt. B.(nicht signierter Beitrag von (Diskussion) 10:41, 16. Mai 2017‎.)..................."


From the above excerpts it is easy to understand that Jkbw is irritated because of my blog about him (that is being followed by many persons in the de & sp. Wikipedia, according to 291 count data on the Statistics/Traffic Sources of this weblog "Mybestarticles" )

(to be continued.....)

Friday, March 24, 2017


I am astonished by the behavior in English Wikipedia of a German mathematician (I surmise he is one, of course, believing what he wrote of himself)......he seems to forget totally the "Third law of Newton". This Wikipedia user, who identifies himself as "Kmhkmh", thinks that he can hurt other Wikipedians and forgets that soon or later they can return the "kindness" and hit him (like in the famous Third Law of the British genius) with the same level of attack.

Indeed we say in Italy: "Ad ogni azione corrisponde una reazione uguale e contraria" (that in English is translated: to every action there it is a reaction 'equal and opposite') and this is one of the reasons we pay attention when hitting other persons (from simple human relationships to terrible wars). But he is German and evidently attacks without remembering this third law: it seems to me that some Germans like Kmhkmh have not learned the lessons of WW1 and WW2, when they attacked in bloody wars and later received the terrible reaction that we all know.

Allow me to explain better what has happened:

1) First of all I want to pinpoint in detail what has happened to  "Brunodam" in Wikipedia when he was banned forever in 2007 in a shameful way:

"....Two relatives/friends from Italy came to spend a summer in 2007 at Brunodam's house in south Florida. They spent some months posting with him on Salerno topics on the Italian Wikipedia from his home (using his same modem, of course). An Italian wiki admin did not believe that they were 3 different persons and blocked them: they offered to send copies of their passports & identifications and to talk by phone to show that they were not the same persons, but he kept blocking them. Brunodam then got enraged and "hinted" (and it is noteworthy to pinpoint that he only HINTED the possibility) that he was thinking of getting help from an attorney in order to defend himself from these offensive accusations.......and suddenly he got BANNED FOREVER! No possibility of defending himself, and the same happened for his 2 relatives who got astonished by all this excessive punishment!

 Brunodam wrote to the "bad & angry" Italian admin Trixt  (decorated with the "evil" barnstar! ), who banned him forever ( ). He explained that he only hinted a selfdefense and did not want to menace a legal suit against the Italian wikipedia, and some time later he also wrote to Jimbo ( ) when he was banned even in the English wikipedia for the same reason.  But he got always blocked and blocked and blocked and blocked every tentative of communication and possible solution...."

Since then Brunodam -enraged by this complete lack of justice with him- started to write more and more on many wikipedias, as a reaction. He has written more than 130000 user contributions using many nicknames, but he has never "sabotaged" Wikipedia: all his writings were done in order to improve Wikipedia, mainly with articles related to Italy and to the fathers of the Italians, the old Romans. Last but not least it is noteworthy to pinpoint that Brunodam is graduated summa cum laude from the Genova university (in northern Italy) and has a MBA from a Los Angeles university (in California, USA): this fact means that he has plenty of knowledge about how to write articles with professional notes and references (indeed he has also published some works, edited by the Genova university).

2) In summer 2014 Kmhkmh attacked me in the article Diana Veteranorum of the English Wikipedia.  He even went so far as to request opinions against me in the

His main attack was because "...I keep adding questionable sources, instead of recent up-to-date scholarly literature...and insist on using material from 19th century travel guide.", but the final result of the discussion was: "The consensus was that no source should be dismissed because of age."

I decided not to have a reaction to his attack and wrote only: " we have continuous talk around the same thing....Kmhkmh you write kms and kms of the same thing in order to get what you want...OK. I give up with your POVs....Good luck " and later I added "It is astonishing to see that Kmhkmh keeps "fighting" against the opinion of 4 or 5 wikipedians (like P Aculeius and others) and keeps not accepting the point of view of the clear majority. He is alone with his POV and now he even goes to another wiki site (Wikipedia:Reliable sources/Noticeboard) to create more mess. IMHO this is the kind of stuff/problems that pushes wikipedians out of Wikipedia!...Allow me to repeat for the last time that We care about serious sources, nothing else....."  

But he kept creating mess & problems until the mafioso Vituzzu "appeared" (from Noticeboard) and erased a lot of articles, created using many nicknames (like Cresthaven: ). Articles that were accepted by other wikipedians and even received "Awards & Barnstars"!

What was the behavior of Kmhkmh about what he did to Wikipedia? Nothing. He did or said nothing at all,  not even a simple "sorry" (for the mess that attracted the Vituzzu's attention and resulted in so many valuable articles erased).

And later he defiantly wrote at the end of the above named discussion:"For future reference I'd like to point out that the creator of Diana Veteranorum is apparently sock puppet of the banned user Brunodam".  But, of course, I did not create the article! It was Kmhkmh who created the first 2000 bytes of Diana Veteranorum. Furthermore,  this mistake clearly shows how this mathematician (sic!) is SUPERFICIAL & WRONG IN HIS WRITINGS!!!!

Furthermore, as was stated by another wikipedian named Darfrog24: "Being old is not by itself indicative that a source is not reliable."  But for Kmhkmh only what he decides as reliable counts: he is the ruler & master who decides for all of us. And may be even for Caesar, who knows....

Indeed Julius Caesar wrote a kind of "diary" of his travels & military campaigns called DE BELLO GALLICO. In this "travel" book (a bit similar to the one of Vereker about Diana Veteranorum) he wrote the ONLY reference we have about his initial expedition to the British isles in 55 BC. I am sure Kmhkmh would complain that the source on this expedition was "outdated" and "not confirmed by other writers of those years". So Kmhkmh would find inappropriate to accept the reference on Wikipedia of what only Caesar wrote!!!! Kmhkmh could argue that this first landing  near Dover could have been an "invention" of Caesar.......

Astonishing, don't you agree?

As  Wikipedia user Onomaticus wrote: "They claimed Brunodam's articles were "erroneous". These are articles that won Barnstars and Awards and were widely read and they even dare to say "erroneous". It is like every single observable speck of logic is against them. They are not just wrong in the bigger picture, they are wrong at every single level at this one."

Additionally Kmhkmh wrote that I do "insufficient sourcing and falsely summarizing sources", but I found that he is FALSE when attributing to himself to have done a lot for the article Diana Veteranorum. He boasts to have contributed "significantly" to it ( ), but he only rewrote some excerpts and did the initial two thousand bytes.....anyway I am going to write more about this problem of falsification on the following months....

Monday, February 20, 2017


The following are four articles about some of the many critics that can be found on the internet against the STEWARD VITUZZU:

First article:


In the Italian Wikipedia there it is an admin nicknamed "Vituzzu", who seems to rule this wiki like a little Mafia boss (please read last month issue of "Manmer2015" about this problem). His name is Vito and he is shamelessly protected by top managers of Italian Wikimedia, probably because of his socio-political leftist/marxist agenda....but in the last months he has also been active in the English Wikipedia, damaging with his mafia "hate" some users who are complaining in angry ways.

So, I am going to write about 2 of them: one in England (Onomaticus) and the other in South America (Ulf Erlingsson).

The first is user Onomaticus (read my August 2015 issue about "Onomaticus: a case of lack of justice"), an English wikiuser who -after blocked forever by Vito's "orders" last summer - wrote:

  1. Hey. I'm Onomaticus. Email me at

    I took a break from Wiki for 3 weeks. I got fed up with those admins.
  2. Onomaticus here, no jokes, came across this article.

    Yes I am in Britain. It is indeed ridiculous to imply Brunodam, some guy in the States, is the same person as me. As if he moved to Britain just to write an article.
  3. Now according to Wikipedia one is not allowed to have more than one account. But it is even this Tokyogirl who has more than one account blatantly and she has said so. The same is with JamesBWatson.

    Whats this? I cannot have an account to make myself seem like more than one person? So they think Brunodam, in apparently making new accounts after his block, which he didn't, is trying to make it look like there is more than one of him by only using one account at a time?

    Doesn't even make any sense. Even their own logic doesn't work out.
  4. Gotta love the ad hominem in Wikipedia. So if somebody is accused of an offence, everything they have ever done is sinful, regardless of whether they have contributed enormously or not. Instead of just banning Brunodam, they have to remove all traces of him on Wikipedia, even articles that won AWARDS & BARNSTARS.

    Is this Stalin's Russia? What game are they onto? Their warped logic allows for every action somebody has done to be incorrect just because they have broken one tiny and pathetic rule?

    I'm not Brunodam. So they accused me of being Brunodam, but why delete all that I have done?

    They claimed Brunodam's articles were "erroneous". These are articles that won barnstars and awards and were widely read and they even dare to say "erroneous". It is like every single observable speck of logic is against them. They are not just wrong in the bigger picture, they are wrong at every single level at this one.
  5. Their basis for thinking I was Brunodam was the fact we both were interested in the Romans.

    Their logic allows for two people, even if they are thousands of miles apart, to be the same person just because they are interested in Roman history. Not even that, they thought I was Brunodam as I mentioned "seen many times on Wikipedia". That could mean anything! I was referring to previous edit wars I had seen before I had an account.

    Tokyogirl logic: Anyone on Wikipedia who likes Roman history and has been on Wikipedia before, even if just to spectate, must be Brunodam. They must be blocked. Not just blocked, not even allowed to appeal. And their IP should be blocked too. They should not even be replied to or allowed to speak to anyone. They are of course Brunodam. Even if they are in 57 different countries at once. Yes, Brunodam is everywhere. He is an evil entity who is trying to attack me with Roman wikipedia articles.
Furthermore I want to pinpoint that the talk page of user Onomaticus has been erased (by the gang related to the Mafioso Vituzzu) , because he wrote there with clear proofs his own defense : see, where an admin named Rjd0060 on October 16, 2015 has made disappear all evidences......

But even others in the world are complaining against this Mafioso Vito: this is the case of south american wikiusers. Indeed my second "user-example" is Ulf Erlingsson (, who wrote that:

"....Wikipedia knowingly slanders political prisoner....

As I reported in July 2010, Italian Wikipedia contains libelous claims about Alejandro Peña Esclusa, who is a political prisoner in Hugo Chávez’ Venezuela, a country that from now is a Soviet-style communist dictatorship. Yet, as late as today Italian Wikipedia blocks every attempt to remove the slander, even though they have been given proof that it is a lie.....The last attempt to remove the slander was made on New Years Eve....two minutes later the Wikipedia editor Vituzzu not only reinserted the paragraph without explanation, but also blocked the user from editing both the article, and also the discussion page. Vituzzu thereby ensured that the blocked user can’t complain, or request that Wikipedia explains why they are helping a communist dictatorship incarcerate an innocent man, by helping them to spread their lies. For them to spread big lies is an integral part of their strategy to prevent Europeans from understanding the true nature of the narco-terrorist states led by Cuba.....While Wikipedia will claim that they have no editors, the fact that Vituzzu has the power to block dissenting opinions from being heard makes him a “WIKIPEDIA DICTATOR”, and thus – in any reasonable interpretation of the word – an editor. It is irrelevant if and who pays him for the job he does in the service of the dictatorship. Wikipedia has given him the authority to act in their name by blocking other users, and consequently they are responsible for his acts.....This muzzle method is brutal. It is worthy of a "FASCIST DICTATORSHIP", or, as in this case, of a "NARCO-COMMUNIST DICTATORSHIP". Who is Vituzzu? Where is he? He could be anywhere. He could sit in Caracas, Venezuela, or for that matter in Havana, Cuba, and do these things. (His page on Wikipedia claims he lives in New York, but the phone number he gives is fake, so one cannot assign any credibility to the claims either as to his name or his whereabouts.)......."  

So -according to  Erlingsson- Vituzzu, calling himself Vito Giulio-Claudio at the time, blocked not just further edits but also all discussions and messages on Wikipedia.    WHAT A SHAME!!!

If interested, the readers can get the full information about these Vituzzu's slanders  -as a "Narco-Communist Dictator"- here  at:    Indeed to understand the "bad to the bones" Mafioso admin:Vituzzu, please read his own OUTING MY EVILNESS  at .

Finally,  allow me to repeat that are being checked evidences about Vito/Vituzzu, who seems to be involved in some of the Muslim fanatism on Wikipedia (Italians and a Canadian have been recently arrested in "Operation Martese", read [9], showing even a growing relationship between Mafia/Ndrangheta and ISIS/Al Kaeda). We will elaborate our investigations and  report it on WP:AN/I or to the top authorities of Wikipedia/Wikimedia and/or even other institutions.

Second article:


Italian Wikipedia seems ruled by admins like Vito, the "bad to the bones" Mafioso user:Vituzzu (read OUTING MY EVILNESS ( ) at the center of last month issue of this blog. Or at least many Italian Wikipedians think this is the sad reality! Like in the above image where a group of persons (as imaginary wikipedians) salute with devotion & deference a huge statue representing the admin Vito. 

Indeed the above image is taken from the 2012 issue of Wikiperle  named "The Case Vituzzu" ( ) and pinpoints "the consensus according to Vituzzu" (il consenso secondo Vituzzu).

Here it is a group of excerpts translated from the Wikiperle article "il caso vituzzu":

1) Vituzzu is an emblematic figure of Wikipedia for several reasons and is well suited to clarify the concepts of "Cricca" and "Wikimafia" that recur often in our Wikiperle with related comments.We have written many times that we use those two terms to simplify a reality much more complex and varied. To tell the truth on (Italian) Wikipedia there is not a real "cricca" (in English: "gang") firmly and rigidly organized. There are, rather, relations of friendship and mutual interest, exchange of favors and defenses of the (admin) role that too often end up stepping on the same pillars on which Wikipedia is based and so always end up crushing vulnerable customers.....(because of these relations) Vituzzu rushed like a train to defend the articles of his friend Montesacro (an admin now banned) and later tried to put on the wiki "black list" the blogs 11-settembre  &  Crono911 not appreciated by Montesacro (but Vito was later forced to admit his mistake).

2) The determined defense that Vituzzu did for Montesacro was clearly evident even in the voting reconfirmation ( votazioni di riconferma ) of the latter. In the reconfirmation of December 2011, Vituzzu even accused those who expressed a vote against Montesacro to obey orders from somebody (see the comment: vedi il commento al voto di Drakkar). In that of December 2010 Vituzzu attacked one by one the users who voted against the reappointment ( gli utenti che votavano contro la riconferma ).

3)  Vituzzu is the administrator most named in the critics & reports Wikiperle receives from Wikipedians, who (even) keep an eye on the "chat sessions" on the channel of Wikipedia where Vituzzu often is showing the (uncivil) authoritarianism and arrogance with which he relates with the Italian wiki community.

 4) Vituzzu used to defend to the death his friends even when they commit abuses and harrassments, and this is certainly not good for Wikipedia. In addition, the "enemies" of his friends automatically become his enemies and Vituzzu attacks them deliberately and with impunity in order to trigger their reactions that can lead to a block (ban). Vituzzu has little consideration of consensus and believe that his opinion must prevail over those of all the others; he does not admit his mistakes and he pays attention to never apologize. Vituzzu is arrogant with newcomers and despises the opinions expressed by new-users and unregistered users (IPs), as if only the old registered wiki-users had a right to express themselves (but even then he does not renounce to his (uncivil) attacks, if the views expressed are not to his liking).

5) Vituzzu is one of those who prefer to hit those who have less opportunity to defend themselves, and he likes to do it quietly, in the shadows and hitting from the back the shoulders, hoping that the victim does not notice anyone ...(even from "Perle Complottiste")

6) The aforementioned chat (and article) shows unequivocally how this "Vituzzu" is a real human (clinical) case suffering from pathological egocentrism and narcissistic personality disorder. It is needed urgent psychiatric therapy. (Comment from "Università LIUC Carlo Cattaneo Castellanza")

Of course many wikipedians wonder how it is possible that this uncivil admin is not removed from his powerful controlling position....and the answer is simple: he has "protectors" in the high levels of Italian Wikimedia/Wikipedia. Vituzzu does the "ducetto rosso"  (red dictator) in Italian Wikipedia also because receives full support from one of the historical leaders of Mario Benvenuti, nicknamed "M7".  Mario is also an admin and bureaucrat on Meta and a Stewart, he is a former CheckUser and now he is a member of the "Ombudsman Commision". This protector is pictured in a photo to the left of the "fat Queen of Italian Wikimedia" Frieda ( ).  In the next months I will write more about......but meanwhile allow me to thank the messages of approval that I have received, denouncing this uncivil Vito & others with hundreds of posts to wikipedians in the English Wikipedia

No comments:

Third article:


There are many persons complaining about Vito, nicknamed "Vituzzu'' in Wikipedia/Wikimedia. That's why I want to post here this month what they write against this uncivil admin. And I do this because this "Mafioso from Calabria" sometimes goes around saying that I am the one and only against him......but the reality is totally different from the lies he uses to say with his "Wikimafia"!

So let's start from the translations of some excerpts of what appears on a famous website about the Italian Wikipedia: it is named "WIKIPERLE". Here it is the full group of articles (in Italian) on Vito/Vituzzu:  and these are the most interesting:

Another related website is called "PERLE COMPLOTTISTE" and even here there it is an article dedicated to Vito and his abuses:

                                    Don VITO Corleone, the famous Hollywood Godfather

1- The admin Vituzzu since a few years ago has obtained to be a real dictator of the Italian Wikipedia, with his own group of associates and supporters that we call "Wikimafia"
(l'amministratore Vituzzu ..da qualche anno si è imposto come vero e proprio dittatore della Wikipedia italiana, con il suo bravo gruppetto di affiliati e sostenitori che noi chiamiamo Wikimafia) "L'ora di Vigevanese" of  January 2013.
2- Many admins work like they were small emperors and policemen without pity, ready to punish whoever doesn't bend to them and to help whoever is fully faithful  to their POVs. One of the worst of them is Vituzzu, who is experienced and active, but he is a bully with sly and arrogance (molti amministratori ... si sentono piccoli imperatori e spietati vigili urbani, pronti a punire chiunque non si inchini al loro cospetto e a graziare chi fa atto di fede.Tra questi amministratori, uno dei peggiori è Vituzzu, tanto capace -è tra i più esperti e assidui- quanto prepotente, subdolo e arrogante) in "Wikipedia come la Gestapo" of December 2013.
3-Vituzzu is the unlucky guy who is without a real good life to show proudly, and so he is self-giving importance socially trying to be a boss in control of But on the contrary what he gets is similar to the little bully in high school who rules on the elementary kids, but when dealing with those in college is ridiculed as worth "nothing"...and meanwhile cannot stop the laughs from everybody behind him. Exactly what happened to him at his school. PS: someone has understood who is this Vituzzu? Is he a problematic kid/teenager or a fortysomething without social life? (Vituzzu è il solito sfigato che, non avendo una vita reale di cui vantarsi, tenta di darsi un tono facendo finta di poter "influire" sulla Invece l'effetto che ottiene è quello del bulletto della terza media che fa il gradasso con quelli delle che quando si avvicina ad uno delle scuole superiori, viene considerato per quello che è: una nullità intanto non puo' evitare che tutti gli ridano dietro. Esattamente come gli succedeva a scuola.PS: ma qualcuno è riuscito a capire chi sia questo Vituzzu? E' un bimbominkia o è un ultraquarantenne privo di vita sociale?) in Comments on "Vituzzu contro il prof. Drago" of July 2015.
4- These idiots (like Vituzzu) have the guts to feel offended if someone accuses them to be worst than the Gestapo! This is the way Wikipedia works, the free and public encyclopedia...until you don't bother one of these (Mafiosi) who got authority thanks to their dirty methods and is supported by this mafia group! And you cannot defend yourself because these guys are at the same time judges (they ban you), prosecutors (they find all excuses) and one-side defenders (because they help each other in order to promote their consensus inside the (Wikipedia) system and don't care about other users' reasons and rights (Questi idioti (come Vituzzu) hanno il coraggio pure di offendersi se gli dici che sono peggio della Gestapo!Ecco come funziona wikipedia, l’enciclopedia libera e democratica… fino a quando non pesti i piedi a qualcuno che proprio grazie a questi metodi è riuscito a farsi un certo consenso e gode di un seguito di amichetti compiacenti!E tu non puoi difenderti, perchè questi tizi sono contemporaneamente giudici (ti danno i blocchi), accusa (cercano tutti i pretesti) e difesa ma a senso unico, perchè si difendono tra loro per rafforzare il loro consenso all'interno del sistema, e se ne sbattono delle ragioni degli altri utenti!) in Comments on "Wikipedia:mai criticare la famiglia" of  May 2013
5- Vituzzu has cowardly cheated creating a software BOT that should have put the one million article in the Italian wikipedia, while he was quietly sleeping in his other words, Vituzzu has cheated in order to be historically remembered as the one who wrote the one million article of Italian Wikipedia. It is a bit like the athlete who uses a drug to win a race competition. This fact explains in great detail which kind of user/admin is Vituzzu (Vituzzu, ha barato vigliaccamente creando un programma robot che avrebbe dovuto inserire la milionesima voce mentre lui se ne stava tranquillo a letto a dormire....In altre parole, Vituzzu ha barato allo scopo di passare alla storia come l'inseritore della milionesima voce di Wikipedia. E' un po' come l'atleta che ricorre al doping per vincere una gara.Questa circostanza la dice lunga su che razza di utente/amministratore sia Vituzzu) in "Wikipedia:la milionesima bufala" of January 2013.

Of course I want to remember what wrote on about the "Mafioso Moscerino Vituzzu" a wikipedian named Abd. He wrote that "Vituzzu is a loose cannon, and he, with the collaboration of a few others, has been causing massive global activity damaging the projects (of Wikipedia), all out of his "hatred" for "promotion," and his acknowledged impatience with policy. He is not one of the major actors in combatting real spam, see the post above, he's minor. Given that relative lack of activity, his error rate is enormous". And we have seen last month one of his many mistakes with user:Onomaticus (and later with user of IP , who is from Canada and not from the USA, and was confused by Vito with Brunodam who lives in Florida: read Really, his error rate is enormous!!! Like his malignity and sadism banning whoever he doesn't like....

Fourth article:

ONOMATICUS: a case of lack of justice

ONOMATICUS: a case of complete lack of justice in Wikipedia

Last month has happened an astonishing case of abuse by some admins of the English Wikipedia: an honest Wikipedia user with the nickname "Onomaticus" has been blocked forever and his article "Cristian Berbers" erased by the gang related to the Mafioso Vituzzu (see my last month issue about this uncivil admin).

Onomaticus on his talkpage ( ) has expressed his opinions about this unbelievable block. I hope the readers can have an idea (from all this shameful situation & case) of the abuses done in Wikipedia......SIMILAR TO THE ONES THAT MADE BRUNODAM BLOCKED FOREVER IN 2007.

What strikes me more is that Onomaticus is clearly an user writing from England, while Brunodam is writing from the USA: a distance of some thousands miles that is totally forgotten by the admin JamesBWatson , who has decided with his "genious" brain that Onomaticus is a sockpuppet of Brunodam. And all this was based on what? NOTHING!!!!! Just a few related sentences......unbelievable, but true! THIS IS THE "REAL" WIKIPEDIA!.........

Onomaticus even wrote as an answer to
(an answer shamefully erased from appearing on the case): "....the opinions of some adolescent college student (like Tokyogirl79) matters more than someone actually trying to help wikipedia. I am sick of unprofessional morons being given Wikipedia privileges. Speak to me in real life and stop hiding behind your keyboards. Give me some way of contacting you that isn't faceless and then we will talk. I don't mean in person, I mean so I can hear your voice, Skype, Teamspeak or phone number. There should be a way of contacting Wikipedia admins in real life...."

Indeed I have wiki-contacted  ( ) this admin Tokyogirl79, who is a college student and "proudly" wrote as admin-credentials that "I have been a fan of anime and manga for many years, as well as a huge fan of B-rate horror movies".....but this teenage girl (who wrote "I'm currently attempting to return to school in order to obtain a degree in nursing. I'm not as of yet sure which field of nursing I would like to go into, but I like the idea of going into medical referencing" when entered in Wikipedia) seems to be happy with the same malignity of the Mafioso Vituzzu and she obviously doesn't care of VERIFICATION of identity with phone calls (Skype, phone number, etc...). For her a supposed vandal is a vandal forever and that's it all! ..........Sincerely, I'd like to show up at the Library of Virginia where she is a volunteer ( read ) to try to convince her with my physical presence that I am not in England as is Onomaticus, but I am sure it would be a waste of time with such a college teenager.....

Another thing that bothers me is that all the posts of Onomaticus have been erased, even those where it was possible to read the IP used by him (an IP that appeared by his mistake in two occasions, but that showed that he was writing from England).....why the "cunning" admin JamesBWatson  did not see this IP located totally away from the many IPs of Brunodam? Of course I am sure the readers can easily answer the question.....(;-D).... To be sincere, all this remembers me the accusations done against user:Enok, who was confused with Brunodam by user:Kimdine on May 2013: but it was a clear mistake and an HONEST admin did not blocked forever him  ( ).

Anyway, in case some reader wishes to "recreate" the erased article of Onomaticus, I am going to add the full version of "Christian Berbers" written by him, as appears on Wikiwand ( ):