Thursday, May 11, 2017


It seems that in the Spanish Wikipedia there it is a German nationalist nicknamed "Jkbw", that is spreading some ideals from Berlin.

The first thing that strikes me is that Jkbw (user identification site: shows a tag pinpointing that has only a basic knowledge of the spanish language, but Jkbw has done in the sp. wiki the huge amount of  254710 edit counts by may 2017 (and is also a "patroller, rollbacker"). How is it possible? A person with elementary knowledge of a language cannot write so many articles and posts.....something is smelling "dirty & fishy" here, don't you agree?

The second thing that hits me is that Jkbw is always promoting the German subjects & topics. And not only German but also Austrian. For example Jkbw is always erasing in the Spanish Wikipedia the references to the "Alto Adige": only allows the name "Tyrol", even if in topics related to History.

Of course we must remember that in all the Alto Adige region the autochthonous language was the romance language called "Ladin", but after the year 1000 AD there has been a process of "Germanization" that has nearly always been imposed by force (with often the obligation to use only the German language). Like in the Val Venosta (read ), a valley area west of Bolzano where the last Ladins disappeared in the 1920s.

Indeed we all know that there it is a decision -done in 2009 by the Austrian nationalists of the Südtiroler Volkspartei of the Italian Alto Adige- which precisely states that all the Italian names in Alto Adige must soon or later disappear (read ) , from railway stations names to a simple name on a public encyclopedia like Wikipedia. And Jkbw is doing very well the nationalistic "job" related to this decision, requesting continuously the erase of the name Alto Adige from the sp. wikipedia with reversal of posts (see  and )

But why Jkbw does all this?

The answer could be found in the huge amount of medical contributions Jkbw did and does in the ''Cure Award'' of the WikiProjectMedicine: he is # 66 of the list of the top contributors (see ) and this made me check up the life of this  person from Berlin.

So, I found that Jkbw is an old retired "Berliner", who become a physicist more than 40 years ago and seems to have been related to "neo-nazi" organizations when was young. 

And Jkbw also pinpoints in the sp. wikipedia's usuario page that has a page in Yddish wikipedia ( "Este usuario tiene una página en la Wikipedia en yidis" ): indeed, why to pinpoint something totally secondary and insignificant? may be as a possible cover-up of neonazi ideals?

Of course, Jkbw is not a former Nazi like the "discovered" owner of IKEA (read: ), but it seems that was linked to neo-Nazis in Berlin some decades ago: I am investigating what seems to bring more surprises about this Jkbw, who was astonishingly requested to become a Sysop/administrator of the Spanish wikipedia last year ( )

What strikes me is the similarity of Jkbw tactics of diffamation and of creation of "lies that would become truths" inside sp. Wikipedia, with those made by Nazism: these Jkbw tactics are totally similar to what used to do Nazi Goebbels & Himmler who declared that with propaganda they could obtain whatever wanted, even change the truth. So they used to "create" a scapegoat/accusation against a person -for example- and then enlarge all this attack with many other repetitions until the person was judged badly by the community.  This tactic was used mainly against jews and communists in Nazi Germany, but was sadly imitated and improved by the Stalin's KGB.  So, in Spanish wiki this user Jkbw continuously uses the trick of remembering that I was "banned" (and of course Jkbw omits that I was banned with a complete lack of justice and without any reason at all!) so that he can revert & obtain all he wants from unaware sysops.

Also in the the nationalist Jkbw uses the same trick of repeating the accusation against me of "banned" and omits the complete lack of justice that I have suffered. Here it is a translation in English from his discussion page:


       "....Please read [33]. It is about me and also about Vituzzu.......I don't want problems with you (I sincerely appreciate your writings). B (nicht signierter Beitrag von (Diskussion) 22:41, 10. Mai 2017‎.)

See also en:Category:Wikipedia sockpuppets of Brunodam, etc..
@Kmhkmh: Hello, probably you already know the above blog entry, if not: FYI. Greetings from Berlin--Jkbw (Diskussion) 00:41, 11. Mai 2017 (CEST)

Thanks for the hint. The guy had already posted his "Bolgeintrag" on my user page on en.wp. Where did you hit him? Is he around now?--Kmhkmh (Diskussion) 03:28, 11. Mai 2017 (CEST)

@Kmhkmh: No, he wants to spread his irredentism in the Spanish Wikipedia for years, fortunately only at a fairly low frequency. Currently, he wants to get rid of his article again: Alto Adige. greetings--Jkbw (Diskussion) 03:38, 11. Mai 2017 (CEST) wanted it! I have started a research on you (see ) and I found very interesting things about your life when young: are you a cover-up neonazi?--Noaneonazis (Diskussion) 14:26, 12. Mai 2017 (CEST)

I see that I just hit you in the center of your nationalist and possibly Nazi soul, because of the way you reacted in "Bibliotecarios/Violaciones de etiqueta"...... and that makes me very happy (LOL) because you deserve it.  So you'll "understand" what means to have been slandered with defamatory libels like was done to me in in 2007, without me having any guilt. B.(nicht signierter Beitrag von (Diskussion) 10:41, 16. Mai 2017‎.)..................."


From the above excerpts it is easy to understand that Jkbw is irritated because of my blog about him (that is being followed by many persons in the de & sp. Wikipedia, according to 291 count data on the Statistics/Traffic Sources of this weblog "Mybestarticles" )

(to be continued.....)