Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Since 2015 I have seen that there it is a group inside English Wikipedia, that seems to support -and sometimes promote- the devilish ISIS and other Muslim terrorist organizations like Al Shabaab and Al Qaeda: please read . The group is made by many users, from different countries and religions, but the most "aggressive" are: Atlas, Middayexpress, Acidsnow, Vituzzu, Elie plus and a few others....

One of the worst members of this group is user Atlas , that has started his writings in Wikipedia recently; but  (with a "bit strange" time-coincidence) approximately after the days when one of the supporters of muslim fanatism inside Wikipedia, user:Middayexpress- was forced to witdraw.

Indeed "user Middayexpress" in that year even attacked with continuous "malignity" "user Oldsettler" accusing him of sockpuppetry until she obtained the help of wikimafia "user Vituzzu": she wanted and obtained to "decapitate without pity in Wikipedia" Oldsettler with the same kind of malignity & hate shown in Syria by ISIS terrorists. Oldsettler wrote "The malignity of this Middayexpress is unbelievable. Why against me? I have never done anything with him/her or against him/her, but -after obtaining to erase my dad's photo- now attacks me continuously repeating the same accusations again and again and again with his/her typical "byzantine phrases" full of the same things. I have read his/her 60 archives and I have found that he/she is a Somalian living in the UK (probably in the London area full of supporters of ISIS and that he/she has had "fightings" with many wikipedians. He/she has collected many blocks and menaces of blocks for his/her continuous edit-warrings and seems to promote muslim POVs in a way that remembers the religious fanatism: most important to me, he/she seems to "hate" colonialism and western colonialists, so probably he/she identifies me with the Italians who colonized Somalia....and this can explain his/her attacks against me."

Furthermore this Vituzzu is known in the Italian wiki as one of the main bosses of the “Italian wikimafia”. Some websites denounce him, like “Wikiperle” (read in Italian : htp:// and “Perle Complottiste” (read: )

Anyway, many of the articles written by user Oldsettler were erased, even those that received 'Banstairs'....and this was (to me) the first clear indication that existed -inside a group of fanatical muslims, who were erasing everything that was showing the western presence in arab & muslim areas. For example the article about Berbers & Christianity ( read ) was continuously erased in those months, showing the typical hate that characterized ISIS terror mentality. be continued....

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