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I am astonished by the behavior in English Wikipedia of a German mathematician (I surmise he is one, of course, believing what he wrote of himself)......he seems to forget totally the "Third law of Newton". This Wikipedia user, who identifies himself as "Kmhkmh", thinks that he can hurt other Wikipedians and forgets that soon or later they can return the "kindness" and hit him (like in the famous Third Law of the British genius) with the same level of attack.

Indeed we say in Italy: "Ad ogni azione corrisponde una reazione uguale e contraria" (that in English is translated: to every action there it is a reaction 'equal and opposite') and this is one of the reasons we pay attention when hitting other persons (from simple human relationships to terrible wars). But he is German and evidently attacks without remembering this third law: it seems to me that some Germans like Kmhkmh have not learned the lessons of WW1 and WW2, when they attacked in bloody wars and later received the terrible reaction that we all know.

Allow me to explain better what has happened:

1) First of all I want to pinpoint in detail what has happened to  "Brunodam" in Wikipedia when he was banned forever in 2007 in a shameful way:

"....Two relatives/friends from Italy came to spend a summer in 2007 at Brunodam's house in south Florida. They spent some months posting with him on Salerno topics on the Italian Wikipedia from his home (using his same modem, of course). An Italian wiki admin did not believe that they were 3 different persons and blocked them: they offered to send copies of their passports & identifications and to talk by phone to show that they were not the same persons, but he kept blocking them. Brunodam then got enraged and "hinted" (and it is noteworthy to pinpoint that he only HINTED the possibility) that he was thinking of getting help from an attorney in order to defend himself from these offensive accusations.......and suddenly he got BANNED FOREVER! No possibility of defending himself, and the same happened for his 2 relatives who got astonished by all this excessive punishment!

 Brunodam wrote to the "bad & angry" Italian admin Trixt  (decorated with the "evil" barnstar! ), who banned him forever ( ). He explained that he only hinted a selfdefense and did not want to menace a legal suit against the Italian wikipedia, and some time later he also wrote to Jimbo ( ) when he was banned even in the English wikipedia for the same reason.  But he got always blocked and blocked and blocked and blocked every tentative of communication and possible solution...."

Since then Brunodam -enraged by this complete lack of justice with him- started to write more and more on many wikipedias, as a reaction. He has written more than 130000 user contributions using many nicknames, but he has never "sabotaged" Wikipedia: all his writings were done in order to improve Wikipedia, mainly with articles related to Italy and to the fathers of the Italians, the old Romans. Last but not least it is noteworthy to pinpoint that Brunodam is graduated summa cum laude from the Genova university (in northern Italy) and has a MBA from a Los Angeles university (in California, USA): this fact means that he has plenty of knowledge about how to write articles with professional notes and references (indeed he has also published some works, edited by the Genova university).

2) In summer 2014 Kmhkmh attacked me in the article Diana Veteranorum of the English Wikipedia.  He even went so far as to request opinions against me in the

His main attack was because "...I keep adding questionable sources, instead of recent up-to-date scholarly literature...and insist on using material from 19th century travel guide.", but the final result of the discussion was: "The consensus was that no source should be dismissed because of age."

I decided not to have a reaction to his attack and wrote only: " we have continuous talk around the same thing....Kmhkmh you write kms and kms of the same thing in order to get what you want...OK. I give up with your POVs....Good luck " and later I added "It is astonishing to see that Kmhkmh keeps "fighting" against the opinion of 4 or 5 wikipedians (like P Aculeius and others) and keeps not accepting the point of view of the clear majority. He is alone with his POV and now he even goes to another wiki site (Wikipedia:Reliable sources/Noticeboard) to create more mess. IMHO this is the kind of stuff/problems that pushes wikipedians out of Wikipedia!...Allow me to repeat for the last time that We care about serious sources, nothing else....."  

But he kept creating mess & problems until the mafioso Vituzzu "appeared" (from Noticeboard) and erased a lot of articles, created using many nicknames (like Cresthaven: ). Articles that were accepted by other wikipedians and even received "Awards & Barnstars"!

What was the behavior of Kmhkmh about what he did to Wikipedia? Nothing. He did or said nothing at all,  not even a simple "sorry" (for the mess that attracted the Vituzzu's attention and resulted in so many valuable articles erased).

And later he defiantly wrote at the end of the above named discussion:"For future reference I'd like to point out that the creator of Diana Veteranorum is apparently sock puppet of the banned user Brunodam".  But, of course, I did not create the article! It was Kmhkmh who created the first 2000 bytes of Diana Veteranorum. Furthermore,  this mistake clearly shows how this mathematician (sic!) is SUPERFICIAL & WRONG IN HIS WRITINGS!!!!

Furthermore, as was stated by another wikipedian named Darfrog24: "Being old is not by itself indicative that a source is not reliable."  But for Kmhkmh only what he decides as reliable counts: he is the ruler & master who decides for all of us. And may be even for Caesar, who knows....

Indeed Julius Caesar wrote a kind of "diary" of his travels & military campaigns called DE BELLO GALLICO. In this "travel" book (a bit similar to the one of Vereker about Diana Veteranorum) he wrote the ONLY reference we have about his initial expedition to the British isles in 55 BC. I am sure Kmhkmh would complain that the source on this expedition was "outdated" and "not confirmed by other writers of those years". So Kmhkmh would find inappropriate to accept the reference on Wikipedia of what only Caesar wrote!!!! Kmhkmh could argue that this first landing  near Dover could have been an "invention" of Caesar.......

Astonishing, don't you agree?

As  Wikipedia user Onomaticus wrote: "They claimed Brunodam's articles were "erroneous". These are articles that won Barnstars and Awards and were widely read and they even dare to say "erroneous". It is like every single observable speck of logic is against them. They are not just wrong in the bigger picture, they are wrong at every single level at this one."

Additionally Kmhkmh wrote that I do "insufficient sourcing and falsely summarizing sources", but I found that he is FALSE when attributing to himself to have done a lot for the article Diana Veteranorum. He boasts to have contributed "significantly" to it ( ), but he only rewrote some excerpts and did the initial two thousand bytes.....anyway I am going to write more about this problem of falsification on the following months....

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